7 Most Common Causes of Heart Disease 


Heart disease is one of the major problems leading to many deaths in modern days. It results from sudden reduction or interruption of supply of blood to the heart and other conditions. Just like many other tissues and organs in the body, the heart requires to be supplied with blood that has right amount of oxygen. If this does not happen, the muscles of the heart begin to get damaged and in the long run they die. There are several causes of different heart diseases. This article provides you with the most common causes of heart disease.

Coronary heart disease

This is the most common cause of heart attacks among many people. This is a health condition that makes the coronary arteries be clogged up with high amount of cholesterol deposits known as plaques. When heart attack happens one of these deposits ruptures leading to a blood clot that occurs at the location where the bursting occurs.


Smoking-006During smoking there is a lot of carbon dioxide that is released. In addition, there is also nicotine that is also found in cigarettes. These two products make the heart to strain thus making it to work faster than it is required. They also increase your risk of developing blood clot. There are other chemicals found in cigarettes that damage your coronary arteries lining leading to furring of these blood vessels. All these increases the risks of heart disease.


Another major cause of heart disease in the modern days is the sedentary lifestyle that many people are living nowadays. Eating food with high amount of saturated fat leads to increased levels of cholesterol in your blood. With high cholesterol in the blood vessels it means that your blood flow to the heart is restricted leading to chances of getting a heart attack and other problems.

High blood pressure

285x285_High_Blood_Pressure_6Poorly controlled high blood pressure also known as hypertension makes the coronary arteries become weak. This weakness makes them unable to supply the heart with the right amount of blood making you vulnerable to heart diseases.


High level of blood glucose is associated with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. These two types of diabetes are known to cause damage to coronary arteries thus increasing the risk of experiencing different heart health problems.

Overweight or obesity

Overweight-Man-006Obesity or overweight may not cause heart attack directly but they increase the risk of getting other conditions that leads to heart diseases. When you are obese or get excess weight, your risk of getting high blood pressure increases. Another condition that might arise is clogged arteries as a result of high cholesterol levels in your blood. In addition, these conditions lead to type 2 diabetes. All the above conditions are linked to several heart diseases.

Excess alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to high blood cholesterol and blood pressure thus increasing your risks of developing heart disease. It is also good to note that most heavy drinkers live unhealthy lifestyle by smoking, not exercising and eat food with high amount of fats. All these increase the risks of developing the heart problems.