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A Look at the Vaporization Process of Electronic Cigarettes and why It is Superior to Smoking

An electronic cigarette, commonly called an e-cig, makes use of a clean and healthy vaporization process to simulate the tobacco smoking process. E-cigs emit an aerosol that appears to be smoke, yet contains none of the harmful components created through the burning of tobacco in a traditional cigarette.

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How An E Cig’s Vapor Is Produced

E-cigs make use of an atomizer, a cartomizer and a battery to create the vapor. The atomizer is a heating element that vaporizes a liquid solution commonly called an e-liquid. E-liquids are quite flavorful and typically contain vegetable glycerin, propylene and nicotine. The atomizer also contains a wicking material made of silica fibers that work to pull in the e-liquid and heat it with a coiled resistance wire.

The main component of an e-cig vaporizer is its battery. It serves as the source of power to turn the e-cig on and off.  It functions in unison with the atomizer to produce the vapor. The battery is charged with an advanced adapter before the vaporization process occurs. It transmits a power charge to the e-liquid storage container known as the cartomizer as well as the atomizer. This creates heat that vaporizes the e-liquid into vapor. The result is the creation of an amazingly flavorful and nicotine-rich vapor for the user to enjoy.

The Many Advantages Of Vapor Compared To Smoke

The primary benefit of e-cigs’ vapor is that it is much healthier than the smoke produced when tobacco is burned in a traditional cigarette. Nicotine inhaled through an e-cig doesn’t contain the chemicals or carcinogens found in cigarette smoke, as it makes use of a clean e-liquid instead of tobacco. This means that there’s no smelly and irritative smoke to bother your throat, nose and eyes. There’s also no tar or combustion with the vaporization process either. Users of e-cigs will love the fact that they can custom blend e-liquids to produce unique flavors for the ultimate smoking experience.

Vapor is the Future

It is clear that vaporizing offers a number of benefits that aren’t available with traditional smoking. E-cigs are quickly becoming ubiquitous thanks to their clean e-liquid, pleasant aroma and widespread social acceptance. It might not be long until traditional cigarettes are replaced by e-cigs.…